Do hot pot, teach you a trick, d...

As a Chengdu resident, I do have a very special bond for hot pot.

Coming to the basin and eating hot pot.



When you are happy, you shout for hotpot, and when you are not happy, a hotpot is eaten out of happiness.

New Year's Eve or festive season, also eat hot pot ......

Hot pot is not only a taste, but also a family environment and the festivity of gathering activities together with pots and pans.


Day often do hot pot at home, but also save more variety of dishes fried fried inconvenience, but also do not have to worry about the dish cold.

In our Chinese history, Qianlong was very fond of hot pot, and in the case of his 60th birthday, he also set up a hot pot banquet for a thousand old men ......

Today to share a super simple hot pot, the northern region of the climate dry and restless, my home recently low environmental humidity, afraid to eat that type of hot and spicy spicy hot pot back home, changed to dry kimchi hot pot.

This kimchi hot pot I used Korean kimchi and northeast region kimchi, is really simple can not be simple, do out is also super healthy appetite delicious, for fear of eating spicy hot pot a family and fear of fire a family, simply a very good way to eat.

In this year's special circumstances, go out to buy food less frequently, eat hot pot also took out some dried knowledge and vegetables and fruits at home, randomly soak a few types of dried knowledge food plus a little vegetables and fruits, the results of a meal pressure to eat left over, so eat in the afternoon and then eat at night, think this is also very suitable for lazy people a very good practice.

The hot pot at home to prepare these kinds of in advance, than in the hot pot restaurant to eat even better

Every time you go to a hot pot restaurant with your friends, you have to wait in a long line, wait for a long time for t...