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It's the annual September school season, are prospective students already excited in their hearts? Are there a lot of expectations for college life?

But in the case of everyone is happy for the upcoming college life, but there are many poor mountain students due to the lack of family pressure college tuition fees and secretly worried, and even only clutching the admission letter sad tears. But do not know that the country has long been two years ago to develop a plan program, never let all a student due to the family situation problems abandoned school. However, there are still many people are not clear how to get this kind of assistance, today Xiaotao on all the state funding and its reward methods listed out one by one, to help promote the poor mountain students, round the dream of youth!

Scholarship response

A, interest-free installment national student loans

The national student loan application for processing is generally divided into two kinds of methods, one is the source of student loans, the other is the school national student loans. To put it plainly, the student loan is the national student loan that students apply for in their own residence after being admitted to the university, and the school national student loan is the national student loan that students apply for in the school according to the financial aid center of the school after being admitted to the school on time and reporting. The student source student loans are generally carried out by the cultural and educational institutions in charge of the student's place of residence, and the student must only bring along with his or her mother and father to the corresponding application address to carry out the application process, together with the letter of admission to this year's college entrance examination, identity documents, family register, and identity documents of his or her mother and father. Students should prepare their identity documents, photocopies of their family register, and photocopies of their parents' identity documents to the school's financial aid center before they enter the school. Some areas will likely continue to require students to show proof of their family's economic development, which is generally available from village committees (community committees) and street offices. And national student loans are not measured for loan interest until the student graduates from college.

scholarship for university overseas exchange/internship programme.

Second, the national state grants for poor students

The national grant is applied for by the students after all the normal reports of entering the school, according to the school. Generally, after entering the school all normal new semester start period will gradually to the big group will be issued to the relevant financial aid current policy notice, and easy to recruit to apply for the roster of students. The students to be applied for must write the application for the grant writing the reason for the application and their own family economic development status, family size status, family size health situation, etc., and submit to the school financial aid center for the first approval. After the first examination and approval, the school financial aid center will give the application form to the students who are approved for the first time to fill out, and at the same time submit their own documents proving the economic development of their families (for example: the low income guarantee certificate of the needy households, the certificate issued by the relevant department of the household registration, the low guarantee, the certificate of the disabled, the certificate of the surviving family members of the martyrs, etc.). The school's financial aid center will report to the higher leading authority for approval, and the school will upload the content of the financial aid student information into the national poor student database query after the audit is approved. The national scholarship is divided into three levels, the first grade of 4,000 yuan per year, the second grade of 3,000 yuan per year, and the third grade of 2,000 yuan per year. And the distribution is carried out in academic years, respectively, 2000 yuan, 1500 yuan and 1000 yuan per academic year.

Third, the company national scholarship

Many companies also have a corresponding financial aid current policy, and institutions of higher education to carry out collaboration, every year to take out part of the assets to finance part of the poor college students at home. The actual application process is different for various companies, so you can take a look at the circular document issued by the financial aid center of the school you belong to, and the document will be written clearly.

Scholarship measures

I. National scholarship

National scholarship is a kind of outstanding college student reward current policy opened by the state to better encourage college students to study seriously and forge ahead. Each higher education institution (full-time master's degree, undergraduate, college, and post school) is able to strongly recommend outstanding students to apply for the National Scholarship every year. The National Scholarship is dedicated to rewarding those students who excel in all aspects of personal performance, especially in the dimensions of practical community activities, independent innovation, and comprehensive ability, who have made great contributions to the basic construction of the school, and who have an examination score of not less than 85 in each subject of all examinations, an average examination score of not less than 90 in all subjects, and an examination score of not less than " Excellent", in the same condition of all other levels of standards to get the provincial "outstanding student party cadres", "three good students" priority selection. The national scholarship is RMB 8,000 per person per year, and the one-time payment will be credited to the student's personnel file.

National Classical Inspirational Scholarship

The National Classical Inspirational Scholarship is an outstanding college award policy opened by the state to better encourage poor college students to study seriously and struggle hard. It is mainly for full-time undergraduate students in higher education, college students, students in higher vocational colleges and universities, and students in the second year (sophomore year) and above classes who are open to apply for it. In order to apply for the National Classical Inspirational Scholarship, students should first have a record in the national database of poor college students, be diligent and active in various major performances in school, have excellent academic training results, and have no bad habits or bad habits. Application for processing according to each student after 5000 yuan per year, a one-time arrival and the distinction will be counted in the student's personnel file.

Third, the school scholarship

Each school is also to better encourage students to study seriously and the development of outstanding student scholarships, in which include but not limited to the three good students scholarship, outstanding student party cadres scholarship, the top ten group leader scholarship, the top ten group support scholarship. Students applying for the scholarship must have a high level of education and excellence in their studies and training, contribute to the school's infrastructure, and have no disciplinary infractions. The actual method of application varies from school to school, so you will need to read the relevant documents of your own school.

Company scholarships and organization scholarships

Scholarships are created by various companies and organizations in collaboration with colleges and universities. Companies and organizations offer scholarships for companies and organizations in order to create a good brand image for social development and to bring in high quality talents. Many companies also collaborate with colleges and universities to create company-ordered classes, in which the company gives scholarships to students and covers the cost of training for these students, authorizing them to be entrusted to the colleges and universities for shaping and working in the company immediately after graduation. The actual application process varies, so please refer to the relevant circulars.


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