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How do you help your child feel ...


There are always some headaches for parents as children grow up, such as seeing children who like to fight with others;


When you're at home and you're getting along well with your family, you start stuttering and blushing when you go out in front of other adults;


When you're at home and you're getting along well with your family, you start stuttering and blushing when you go out in front of other adults;

Children start to cry when they see their parents, or they like to hit people;

I usually get a lot of inquiries from moms and dads about similar issues, and at the core of these questions is the issue of "children's sense of security.

The increasing emphasis on security with children shows how important it is for children's future development, even for their whole lives.

So, first of all, we need to get a proper understanding of what security is, and first of all, not to attribute all the problems to security, otherwise we cannot solve them.

Erickson's theory of stages of personality development suggests that children's crisis in stage 1 is trust and doubt.

The primary influence in this stage comes from the mother. If the parent is able to meet the child's needs during this stage, the child develops an initial sense of security; if the mother denies the child's needs, the child develops distrust.

Trust is therefore the key to building a sense of security. Children who are secure are more independent, confident, get along with others, and are more likely to feel happy; whereas children who lack or lack security in childhood are prone to low self-esteem, sensitivity, suspicion, and過度活躍.

After knowing what safety is and the importance of feeling safe, I'm sure parents are more concerned about this aspect of their children, so how can we help our children build a sense of safety?

First, understand why your child is afraid. If you want your child to be afraid to talk when faced with a stranger, first of all, to give you an example to help you understand better, then instead of feeling ashamed and mandating that your child must put on a big smile, you can squat down and touch your child and ask him or her what the reason is for being afraid. This is because the act of touching the child's body will make him feel physically safer; the act of asking why and analyzing it will allow the child to discover what his or her irrational beliefs are and what "I" should be doing to be good.

As in the lemon example, some children cry when they leave their parents because once they leave, they think that the environment and people around them will hurt them if mom leaves. In reality, this is not dangerous at all.

So this is a good time for mom to try to let other family members take over, both to get the child out of the habit of relying on the mother and to make the child aware that other people can be a dependent role for him or her.

In addition, parents can slowly try to allow their children to be alone in a space, but they need to communicate to their children in advance where they are going and how long it will take them to return. The mother who disappears suddenly, on the other hand, can create a great deal of insecurity in the child.

Similarly, for children who use violence to solve problems, parents need to check the atmosphere in the home for violence before solving the problem.

That's because seeing parents fighting with each other may not seem wrong to us, but it can become a form of violence in the eyes of the child.

This is because it's not a good idea to have a parent who is violent, or to impose a scolding parenting style on the child, so that the child thinks that violence is the only way to solve the problem.

Nurturing a child's sense of security requires parents to start acting now. There are many ways to do this, and the attitude and behavior of teaching children is just as important.

Accompany your child through the sensitive phase of hiding and possessing

Das Kind versteckt sich. Die besitzsensitive Phase tritt zwischen dem 3. und 4. Lebensjahr auf und ist durch eine starke...










Pay attention to 4 points when c...

1. Try to choose milk powder made from raw cow's milk

The source and production of milk is closer to that of milk powder, which can be made from fresh milk and only needs to go through a dry drying process during the production of milk powder. This type of milk powder is classified as raw milk or skim milk.

2. Choose a milk powder with higher whey protein content

If your child is more prone to constipation, mothers should not immediately choose two formulas for their children when they are breastfeeding for more than six months.

One formula contains a little less calcium, iron and zinc, but the child bb便便 has already started to add supplemental food, so basically it does not affect much. Children can digest and absorb milk powder that is not easily constipated, so a section of milk powder has a high nutrient absorption rate and can meet the nutritional needs of children over seven months of age.

3 Choose a formula with high OPO structural fat.

OPO structural fat, also known as 1,3-dioleic acid-2-palmitic acid triglyceride, can soften children's stools, prevent calcium soap formation, and promote children's nutrient absorption. To prevent constipation in children, when choosing a formula, try to choose a formula with a higher content of OPO structural fat.

The term most nutrients found in the nutrition chart is generally 1,3-dioleate 2-palmitoyl triglyceride. When buying milk powder, you can compare which content will be higher.

Choose a formula with a high content of oligogalactose.

The main thing to look at is the nutritional content in the table, but of course there are some units of oligogalactose in milligrams and some grams, so pay attention to the conversion.

Some formulas also add oligofructose, which is also useful for preventing constipation dietary fiber. It is best to have both of these ingredients, and both are high in content. It can be compared with several kinds of milk powder.

Why can formula easily lead to constipation?

1. große EiweißmoleküleDie in der Muttermilch enthaltenen Proteine sind die gleichen wie die in der Muttermilch Ihres Ba...


Is baby constipation related to formula?the right way to feed formula!


Baby s stomach is relatively weak, if the formula is too thick or the formula is not suitable, the baby will easily have...


4 façons d'aider votre bébé en cas de constipation !


La constipation chez les bébés ressemble à des crampes et peut être douloureuse lorsque votre bébé fait ses selles. Les ...


Don't be in a hurry to transfer ...

First: Recognize your baby's needs

The experts say that the best formula for your child is the best formula. When changing your baby's formula, the first thing you need to do is find out if your baby really needs to change.

However, if the baby has uncomfortable 3號奶粉 reactions to some formulas, such as diarrhea, constipation, slow weight and height growth, etc., the mother should consider changing the formula. The mother should consider changing the formula for her baby.

Second, don't change the formula too often

When changing formula, parents should choose the appropriate grade of formula based on the age of the baby. Infant formula (0ー6 months) is usually called paragraph 1, older infant formula (6ー12 months) is paragraph 2, and infant formula (12ー36 months) is paragraph 3.

Third: pay attention to the method of changing formula

Mix one-third of the new formula with two-thirds of the old formula and give the baby a few days to get used to it. If darling has no adverse reactions, mix 1/2 of the new formula with 1/2 of the old formula and adjust for a few days. Finally, replace two-thirds of the old formula with the new formula, adjust for two or three days, and then replace it completely with the new formula.

Step 4: Avoid wrong timing

If you don't get the details right during a formula change, it's easy to put an unnecessary strain on your baby's stomach.

Nourrissez votre bébé au lait maternisé et ne touchez pas à ces tabous !

Changement de formule trop souventLorsque vous choisissez une formule pour votre bébé, la première chose qui compte est ...


4 things to look out for when drinking formula!


Es kommt eine Zeit, in der Ihr Baby verschiedene Nahrungsmittel braucht, vor allem, wenn es von der Muttermilch auf die ...


How can I improve my bad skin?


There are many reasons for bad skin, such as acne, peeling, acne, blackheads, oiliness, etc. Regardless of the reason, t...


What can you eat to heal quickly...


Beef contains sarcosine, which can increase muscles and strengthen strength. Vitamin B6 can enhance immunity and is suitable for people who are taking care of patients after surgery and illness. It can also be 去疤膏推薦 with beef and red dates to help muscle growth and promote wound healing.


Aloe vera is a natural antibiotic that can relieve pain, stop bleeding, and tighten wounds. It is also a catalyst that can accelerate the healing of injured skin. "Traditional Chinese Medicine" records its 除疤方法, tissue repair and skin protection functions.


Compared with ordinary vegetables, tomatoes are rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin C. Vitamin C can promote the biosynthesis of bone collagen, which is conducive to faster healing of tissue wounds, and enhances the body's anti-stress ability and immunity to the external environment. The premise is to eat raw, because the vitamin C in tomatoes is unstable and easily oxidized and decomposed during processing.


Drinking a little honey is great for wound healing. 除疤膏推薦, honey can also be applied directly to the skin or wound. In doing so, it has the effects of reducing inflammation, relieving pain, stopping bleeding, reducing edema, and promoting wound healing.


Trotter is rich in zinc and collagen. Zinc deficiency will reduce the function of fibroblasts. Therefore, more collagen should be added at this time to speed up the wound healing.

sea ​​bass

Generally speaking, eating black fish is good for wound recovery, but sea bass is most suitable for operators. For example, patients with anemia or diabetes should learn to start eating sea bass before the operation if they are not injured, and eat it after the operation, which is very helpful for the healing time of the wound. Chinese medicine believes that seabass is warm and sweet in nature, has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver and kidney, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

What can't you eat for wound healing?

1. You can't eat soy sauce for wounds, which may cause scars on the wound.

2. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as peppers. These foods are easy to get angry and cause inflammation of the wound.

3. Injury can not eat edible fungus food, such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc. Because these foods are mostly high-protein foods, eating too much can easily cause irritability, which is not conducive to recovery, and people who usually have headaches, dizziness and other symptoms should eat as little mushroom food as possible.

4. Do not eat marine fishery foods, such as hairtail, yellow croaker, pomfret, mussel meat, shrimp, crabs and other aquatic products. Most of them are cold and fishy, ​​which affects wound healing to a certain extent.

5. Do not eat fruits such as peaches and apricots. These fruits are easier to catch fire when eaten, and almonds are easier to eat to damage bones and muscles, which will have a certain impact on wound healing.

In the process of wound healing, you should avoid eating chicken heads, chicken wings, chicken feet, goose meat, pig head meat and other foods. These foods can easily cause irritation and affect the healing of the mouth.




What can you eat for the wound to heal quickly? Maybe our Chinese food will help you


In the living environment, accidental changes such as accidentally cut fingers or bumped knees may happen during the cou...






Learn Japanese, understand these...

These students who do not want to study in Japan, or who have long been in the mud, often ask some difficult questions. Today, we respond to such difficult questions one after another. As it is often said, "An 日語五十音 start is a wide success". If you understand the challenges below, you can get off to a perfect start. Shaping the proper outlook on learning is half the battle for success in the natural world.

Without further ado, let's go to the topic.

1、What is the purpose of learning N5課程?

Learning Japanese well will help you to get rid of "parallel time and space", and let him/her go in the world of China and Japan.

If you only use Japanese as the only special tool for students to make a living, you can choose mainly in translation, export and foreign trade, teaching and other industries.

If you integrate Japanese with other professional skills, such as programming, finance and accounting, Japanese animation, sales and marketing, you will also enter a road to become a master in the field.

2、I think there are many 日語會話班 characters in Japanese, is it very easy to learn?

Many people are likely to feel that there are a lot of Chinese characters in Japanese, so is it very easy to learn them in our country, but in my own work experience, at least at the level of writing and meaning of Chinese characters, we Chinese people have an advantage over foreigners who are not easy to use Chinese characters.

3、I want to learn Japanese, but I'm too busy at work, so I have little time to study every day.

Language expression is a professional skill that is accumulated over time, in fact, you don't need to take out a lot of time to learn, but only stipulate that you keep persevering. Then for the salaried people, it is important to be good at using your spare time, just take out thirty minutes a day, persistently learn for a year, and you will be improved!

In the end, or this saying, if you want to learn, nothing is a pretext, if you don't want to learn, which are all pretexts.

4, some people say Japanese "learning Japanese is laughing in, crying out" is that so?

Which newcomer to begin easy to learn after more difficult to call all of their own not to learn the pretext, language expression is a professional skill, it to the learner's situation, knowledge system, age are not much regulation, only need to persevere, nothing to learn not to understand. Naturally in learning, you will always encounter shortcomings, and this is the time when teachers must organize specific guidance for the group.

Learning language expression, there are a lot of items must be memorized, if you do not want to memorize, do not want to learn, do not want to figure out the syntactic structure of Japanese, it will naturally feel difficult to learn. Or this saying, step by step, there will always be certain gain.

5、How long will it take for me to pass N1 if I have a general certificate of qualification and don't have all the basic and generally only have non-working time to learn Japanese?

How long it takes to pass the level is different from person to person. According to the teacher's work experience, the average person who spends 1 or 2 hours a day to study well for 1.5 to 2 years should be able to pass the highest level N1. I personally do not approve of the way to break the N1 in 10 months raid, because the qualification is primary and secondary to learning the language, and the key is to improve your language expression ability. The certificate exam can be your overall goal of learning Japanese in stages, but it is not the key purpose of your study.

6、I want to learn Japanese, but I don't have any carefulness, so I want to ask how to persist in the end?

In fact, I would like to say that the thing of carefulness is to be gradually shaped, one very important point is the hobby of learning Japanese, generally speaking, people who want to learn Japanese are all interested in it or have a desire to learn it, plus a good natural environment for learning and a good model for learning, of course, they will have the patience to persistently learn it.

Therefore, hobby is the best teacher, although they are very vulgar, but it is very right.

7、I want to learn Japanese, can I learn it completely by myself, without enrolling in any training institution?

It is not highly recommended not to enroll in tutorial classes, because the language expression is something that, in fact, in short, you learn to use eventually, such as communication with people, in the case of novice beginners, your pronunciation only through self-learning words will have a certain lack, and that will immediately endanger your spoken English expression. Therefore, from the teacher's teaching experience, it is necessary to have a Japanese teacher to standardize your pronunciation in the case of new beginners.

Secondly, a fluent Japanese, English grammar is also important, if you simply read the contents of the book, without the teacher's summary and interpretation, very easy to learn and forget in addition, if you are enrolled in a tutorial class to learn words, in a class can find like-minded young people to learn together, so that their own learning is also a kind of promotion.

In general, you can learn through self-learning, but the difficulty factor is large, easy to lose direction. The expertise in the textbook is fragmented and has incorrect and systematic holes. If there is a teacher to guide, on the one hand, can help the guys immediately summarize, in addition to the guys can also have a catalytic effect on learning.


今日は、日本語の学び方、鍛え方について、N5課程をお伝えします。 ひとりで日本語を学び、鍛えるには? 日本の学生の意見の一部を共有しますが、これは日本語学科に入った後、日本の技術職がますます非常に優れたものになるということではありません。な...




外語的學習是很多人要想N5課程,但通常不如人意的一件事。接到私聊跟我說怎樣能夠迅速自學日語?這個問題確實找日語會話班?實際上自己也不確定性。從觸碰日文逐漸到現在接近10年,有踏過一些彎道,也是有一些比較好的方式 。本文就來共享一下自身的見解...




グローバル化した今日の経済状況では、外国語を十分に理解することが特に重要です。 特に、中国と日本の間に密接な協力関係があり、日本企業が国内のあらゆる地域に進出している現在では、その傾向は顕著です。 中国では、大学入試で外国語を日本語に置き換...


Tips on how to use a stethoscope...

Listed here are step-by-step tips on using a stethoscope to hear your baby’s heartbeat:

1.Locate a tranquil locale. The quieter your environment, the better it’ll be to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Sit in a place by itself while using the television and radio off.

2.Lie down on the comfortable area. You can pay attention to your baby’s heartbeat in bed or lying over the sofa.

3Really feel all over your tummy and find your baby’s back again. Baby’s back can be an ideal place to listen to a fetal heartbeat. This segment within your tummy should really experience challenging, however sleek.

4.Spot the upper body piece on this location of your belly. Now it is possible to start to listen via the earpiece.

You could possibly not quickly listen to it. If this really is the case, bit by bit transfer the stethoscope up or down right until you’re in the position to pick up a seem. Fetal heartbeats can sound similar to a enjoy fetal doppler.

What to do when you simply cannot listen to the heartbeat?

Don’t stress should you simply cannot listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Making use of a stethoscope is one process for listening to a heartbeat at your home, but it is not often effective.

Your baby’s situation might make it tough to listen to, or else you might not be far adequate together within your pregnancy to detect a heartbeat that has a stethoscope. placenta placement can also create a change: Should you have an anterior placenta, the audio you’re on the lookout for could be more difficult to locate.

You can try once more at yet another time. Although, in case you have any worries, do not be reluctant to get in touch with your OB-GYN.

Your OB has probable read hundreds - otherwise 1000's - of heartbeats. Even though it is heartwarming (no pun intended) to hear your small one’s ticker within the comfort of your home, you should not use anything you hear - or do not hear - to diagnose any problems. Go away that to the doctor.

How - and When - You are able to Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat at your house

Listening to your unborn baby’s heartbeat for that 1st time is a thing you will never forget. An ultrasound can select u...




胎兒多普勒實際上是一種手持超聲儀器,它利用音頻波來聽到胎兒的心跳。醫療專業人員和助產士在懷孕的最初三個月開始使用這些醫療設備,作為計劃產前治療的組成部分。不久前,胎兒多普勒儀在櫃檯 (OTC) 附近出售,供家庭使用。然而,不鼓勵在醫療保健配...






Do you know all the current poli...

It's the annual September school season, are prospective students already excited in their hearts? Are there a lot of expectations for college life?

But in the case of everyone is happy for the upcoming college life, but there are many poor mountain students due to the lack of family pressure college tuition fees and secretly worried, and even only clutching the admission letter sad tears. But do not know that the country has long been two years ago to develop a plan program, never let all a student due to the family situation problems abandoned school. However, there are still many people are not clear how to get this kind of assistance, today Xiaotao on all the state funding and its reward methods listed out one by one, to help promote the poor mountain students, round the dream of youth!

Scholarship response

A, interest-free installment national student loans

The national student loan application for processing is generally divided into two kinds of methods, one is the source of student loans, the other is the school national student loans. To put it plainly, the student loan is the national student loan that students apply for in their own residence after being admitted to the university, and the school national student loan is the national student loan that students apply for in the school according to the financial aid center of the school after being admitted to the school on time and reporting. The student source student loans are generally carried out by the cultural and educational institutions in charge of the student's place of residence, and the student must only bring along with his or her mother and father to the corresponding application address to carry out the application process, together with the letter of admission to this year's college entrance examination, identity documents, family register, and identity documents of his or her mother and father. Students should prepare their identity documents, photocopies of their family register, and photocopies of their parents' identity documents to the school's financial aid center before they enter the school. Some areas will likely continue to require students to show proof of their family's economic development, which is generally available from village committees (community committees) and street offices. And national student loans are not measured for loan interest until the student graduates from college.

scholarship for university overseas exchange/internship programme.

Second, the national state grants for poor students

The national grant is applied for by the students after all the normal reports of entering the school, according to the school. Generally, after entering the school all normal new semester start period will gradually to the big group will be issued to the relevant financial aid current policy notice, and easy to recruit to apply for the roster of students. The students to be applied for must write the application for the grant writing the reason for the application and their own family economic development status, family size status, family size health situation, etc., and submit to the school financial aid center for the first approval. After the first examination and approval, the school financial aid center will give the application form to the students who are approved for the first time to fill out, and at the same time submit their own documents proving the economic development of their families (for example: the low income guarantee certificate of the needy households, the certificate issued by the relevant department of the household registration, the low guarantee, the certificate of the disabled, the certificate of the surviving family members of the martyrs, etc.). The school's financial aid center will report to the higher leading authority for approval, and the school will upload the content of the financial aid student information into the national poor student database query after the audit is approved. The national scholarship is divided into three levels, the first grade of 4,000 yuan per year, the second grade of 3,000 yuan per year, and the third grade of 2,000 yuan per year. And the distribution is carried out in academic years, respectively, 2000 yuan, 1500 yuan and 1000 yuan per academic year.

Third, the company national scholarship

Many companies also have a corresponding financial aid current policy, and institutions of higher education to carry out collaboration, every year to take out part of the assets to finance part of the poor college students at home. The actual application process is different for various companies, so you can take a look at the circular document issued by the financial aid center of the school you belong to, and the document will be written clearly.

Scholarship measures

I. National scholarship

National scholarship is a kind of outstanding college student reward current policy opened by the state to better encourage college students to study seriously and forge ahead. Each higher education institution (full-time master's degree, undergraduate, college, and post school) is able to strongly recommend outstanding students to apply for the National Scholarship every year. The National Scholarship is dedicated to rewarding those students who excel in all aspects of personal performance, especially in the dimensions of practical community activities, independent innovation, and comprehensive ability, who have made great contributions to the basic construction of the school, and who have an examination score of not less than 85 in each subject of all examinations, an average examination score of not less than 90 in all subjects, and an examination score of not less than " Excellent", in the same condition of all other levels of standards to get the provincial "outstanding student party cadres", "three good students" priority selection. The national scholarship is RMB 8,000 per person per year, and the one-time payment will be credited to the student's personnel file.

National Classical Inspirational Scholarship

The National Classical Inspirational Scholarship is an outstanding college award policy opened by the state to better encourage poor college students to study seriously and struggle hard. It is mainly for full-time undergraduate students in higher education, college students, students in higher vocational colleges and universities, and students in the second year (sophomore year) and above classes who are open to apply for it. In order to apply for the National Classical Inspirational Scholarship, students should first have a record in the national database of poor college students, be diligent and active in various major performances in school, have excellent academic training results, and have no bad habits or bad habits. Application for processing according to each student after 5000 yuan per year, a one-time arrival and the distinction will be counted in the student's personnel file.

Third, the school scholarship

Each school is also to better encourage students to study seriously and the development of outstanding student scholarships, in which include but not limited to the three good students scholarship, outstanding student party cadres scholarship, the top ten group leader scholarship, the top ten group support scholarship. Students applying for the scholarship must have a high level of education and excellence in their studies and training, contribute to the school's infrastructure, and have no disciplinary infractions. The actual method of application varies from school to school, so you will need to read the relevant documents of your own school.

Company scholarships and organization scholarships

Scholarships are created by various companies and organizations in collaboration with colleges and universities. Companies and organizations offer scholarships for companies and organizations in order to create a good brand image for social development and to bring in high quality talents. Many companies also collaborate with colleges and universities to create company-ordered classes, in which the company gives scholarships to students and covers the cost of training for these students, authorizing them to be entrusted to the colleges and universities for shaping and working in the company immediately after graduation. The actual application process varies, so please refer to the relevant circulars.


在老師和同學們的眼裏,能拿scholarship for university的同學全是院校裏最出色的存有,由於獎學金就是你勤奮學習,成績優異的最好是印證。誰都是有一顆想拿獎學金的心,可是要想取得成功得到 獎學金卻沒有那麼非常容易,在這個全...








很有可能針對一些剛踏入大學的新生兒而言,在之前多多少少聽聞過大學基本上靠自力更生就能處理生活上的耗費,可是針對實際的一個狀況並不是很掌握,實際上 可以自力更生的一部分學員絕大多數是可以取得院校或是是國家所授予的獎學金,大家假如大學期內可以拿...


Understand the 7 common types of...

Microphones are a very personal item for musicians, and there are often many factors to consider when choosing one. Again, there is no such thing as "one microphone is the best" among a wide variety of microphones. Each microphone has its own unique properties and uses, and produces a different sound quality. Let's learn about the 7 types of microphones in common use.

Moving microphones.

The term "moving coil" means that the coil of wire, which is closely connected to the diaphragm, is kept in motion in a magnetic field in response to changes in sound pressure, producing a current that varies in equal proportion to the amplitude of the sound wave, by which the sound signal becomes an electrical signal.

The coil of a moving-coil microphone cuts the magnetic field to produce current directly, so no power supply is required for a moving-coil microphone. The advantage of a dynamic microphone is its simplicity and practicality. The disadvantage is that the "dragging" of the coil makes the diaphragm less responsive to rapidly changing sound waves than other types of microphones.

It is difficult to get a dynamic microphone to pick up the high frequency part of the energy of the rubbers, but for picking up the sound of a solid base drum or snare drum, a dynamic microphone can perform satisfactorily. Moving-coil microphones are also commonly used to record the sound from electric guitar amps.

Moving coil microphones are often used to record the human voice, and it is largely a "traditional habit". The original condenser microphones were bulky and fragile. However, while there are many condenser microphones available today specifically for live vocals, their higher average price also often leads one to choose a mobile microphone that is equally good at its job.

Small-diaphragm condenser microphones

A condenser microphone is designed according to the principle of electrostatics. The diaphragm and the back plate form a capacitive unit, and the vibration of the diaphragm with the sound waves causes the potential difference between it and the back plate to change, turning the sound signal into an electrical signal. Capacitive microphones generally have built-in amplifiers because the output of the condenser unit is weak. Condenser microphones require external 48V phantom power or batteries.

wireless conference microphone for computer

The significance of choosing a small-diaphragm condenser microphone is that a small diaphragm of about 12 mm diameter is extremely sensitive to acoustic vibrations. The larger the vibrating diaphragm, the less sensitive it is to improper microphone sound, and the more pronounced the resonance will be.

If what you want is extremely accurate radio results, a small-diaphragm condenser microphone is the way to go. It's worth noting that a more accurate sound is not necessarily a more satisfying sound, and sometimes a more accurate sound sounds less dynamic and less powerful. However, if you want to record natural sounds realistically, a small-diaphragm condenser microphone should be your choice.

Diaphragm condenser microphones.

Before that, microphone manufacturers were not able to make the diaphragm so delicate, and all condenser microphones should be called "large-diaphragm condenser microphones". There was certainly no dividing line between what was a "large diaphragm" and what was a "small diaphragm". As mentioned earlier, a size of about 12mm can be called "small diaphragm", while a size of 24mm or more can be considered as "large diaphragm". When buying a microphone, we will find that some microphones that look very large have a surprisingly small internal diaphragm, so the size of the diaphragm is a parameter that needs special attention.

The advantage of this large-diaphragm condenser microphone is that it allows you to record a sound that you especially appreciate in the studio, but it is not the most natural, but its sound is thick and warm, no matter what sound is recorded is very comfortable.

The disadvantage is that the higher the sound frequency, the more obvious the directionality of the large-diaphragm condenser microphone becomes. There is no problem if the microphone is facing the radio, but if two microphones are used for stereo radio, the sound on the side may not work well.

Electronic tube microphones.

The design and production of this microphone can be traced back to the early days of condenser microphones. At that time, the built-in amplifiers of condenser microphones all used vacuum tubes because the application of transistors had not yet become popular on a large scale. Although there were some vacuum tube microphones used with small diaphragms before, most of the vacuum tube microphones we see today have large diaphragms inside.

The advantage of tube amplifiers is that they easily produce a pleasant distortion effect, or "warm sound". For sound, this warm distortion is often used as a panacea.

Unlike other types of microphones, tube microphones have become highly sought-after and often expensive due to the fact that the days of tubes are long gone.

Aluminum ribbon microphones.

An aluminum ribbon microphone is a special type of dynamic microphone. Usually, the diaphragm of a moving coil microphone is closely connected to the wire guide coil, and the microphone with aluminum piece is a combination of the diaphragm and the wire guide coil to form an aluminum ribbon (or metal ribbon). Because the aluminum ribbon is very thin, microphones with aluminum ribbons are sensitive to sound waves comparable to condenser microphones, although the sound of ordinary aluminum ribbon microphones is darker.

Aluminum ribbon microphones can record a clear and slightly darker sound in detail. In this way, they are often used in studios.

Aluminum ribbon microphones are generally fragile, and some brands have manuals that remind users to walk slower when holding an aluminum ribbon microphone on the radio so that the air doesn't pass over the microphone too fast and cause the ribbon to misalign.

Like mobile microphones, most aluminum microphones do not require an external power source (except for those with built-in amplifiers). However, the output of aluminum-banded microphones is generally smaller, so they work better with a preamp.

Electret microphones.

Electret microphone is a special kind of condenser microphone. It is well known that the principle of a condenser microphone is that the capacitor polarization charge changes, thus generating an electrical signal at both ends of the capacitor, which results in the conversion of sound signals. Electret material is a material that permanently preserves these charges after adding them. According to this principle, the electret material on the diaphragm or back plate can provide the constant voltage required by the condenser unit, thus eliminating the power supply portion of the microphone. However, the use of built-in microphone amplifiers still requires the use of battery or phantom power. It is important to note that electret microphones using batteries are less sensitive and less capable of handling maximum sound pressure.

Electret microphones are widely used in handheld devices due to their low cost and small size. Electret microphones with built-in FET preamplifiers can provide high quality performance. Many of the most accurate microphones in the world today are also electret microphones.

Piezoelectric Microphones

Piezoelectric microphones, also called crystal microphones, are based on the principle of using the piezoelectric effect of a certain material, i.e. sound causes deformation of the material and produces a change in voltage.

Currently piezoelectric microphones exist mainly in the form of contact microphones, of which guitar pickups are a typical example. A piezoelectric microphone receives physical vibrations directly from the source of the sound taken, rather than the sound wave vibrations in the air. This has the advantage of separating the sound of the instrument from the rest of the sound. However, the sound selected in this way will not be particularly realistic, so the application of piezoelectric microphones is also relatively limited.


一次會議上,向所有與會者提供視頻和音頻幾乎已成為會議的標准。盡管音頻和視頻內容都是有效的遠程通信的一部分,但從某種程度上說,音頻在會議期間常常占據第一位。或可以說,音頻質量的好壞,直接決定了一次會議的質量。wireless conferen...




しかし、オーディオや映画のプロがワイヤレスマイクを考えるとき、ほとんどの人はBluetoothを意識しません。 その代わりに、高品質のアナログ・ラベリア・ヘッドフォン、イヤフォン、ハンドヘルド・マイクロフォンを考慮しています。このワイヤレス...


Three common sound problems in video conferencing and how to deal with them.


Since remote video conferencing can eliminate time and space differences, you can achieve remote communication anytime a...


How can you get well faster with...

Recently, the weather station issued a cold wave forecast. These days, we will clearly feel the temperature dropping a lot, even more than 15℃ in some areas. Now it is the high season of influenza again, plus the serious situation of the new crown epidemic, we should be extra careful. Assuming that you have the flu, some people may be overly worried and can go for nucleic acid testing. So what can you do to get better faster if it's really just the common flu?


You can quarantine yourself at home.

Self-isolating at home protects you and is responsible for others. It helps you to recover while avoiding infecting others. It is better to rest at home. Don't be a "workaholic" at this time, rest, relax and rejuvenate, doesn't it "smell"? Also pay attention to indoor ventilation.

2, pay attention to diet.


Drink a lot of water, the body's waste out of the body, you can add something to clear the heat and fire, such as ginger, chrysanthemum tea, Pancake, etc.. Eat easily digestible and nutritious food, such as fruits, vegetables, tofu, thin porridge, fresh milk, various eggs, hawthorn, radish, etc. Ginger ginger water.

Third, physical cooling.


If there are fever symptoms, you can use physical cooling methods, such as wrapping a wet towel or ice cubes on the forehead, and wiping the armpits, forehead and neck with alcohol.

Fourth, pay attention to hygiene.

Always keep the nose, throat and mouth clean, because these places are the breeding ground for bacteria after a cold.


5. You can drink some cold punch.

If the situation is serious, you need to see a doctor. Having a cold is not terrible, we have to treat it correctly and pay more attention to prevention, to develop good habits, especially when going out to wear a mask. Beware.




Spring flu? There are 5 "magic words" to keep the flu at bay.


In dieser Umgebung wachsen nicht nur Pflanzen und Tiere, sondern auch Viren und Bakterien nutzen die Gelegenheit, sich z...




春爛漫の時期に、いかに効果的にインフルエンザを予防するか。 インフルエンザは、風邪やインフルエンザの原因となるウイルスで、感染力が非常に強く、A、B、Cの3種類に分けられます。 A型は人に与えるダメージが最も大きく、毎回インフルエンザA型で...


Do hot pot, teach you a trick, d...

As a Chengdu resident, I do have a very special bond for hot pot.

Coming to the basin and eating hot pot.



When you are happy, you shout for hotpot, and when you are not happy, a hotpot is eaten out of happiness.

New Year's Eve or festive season, also eat hot pot ......

Hot pot is not only a taste, but also a family environment and the festivity of gathering activities together with pots and pans.


Day often do hot pot at home, but also save more variety of dishes fried fried inconvenience, but also do not have to worry about the dish cold.

In our Chinese history, Qianlong was very fond of hot pot, and in the case of his 60th birthday, he also set up a hot pot banquet for a thousand old men ......

Today to share a super simple hot pot, the northern region of the climate dry and restless, my home recently low environmental humidity, afraid to eat that type of hot and spicy spicy hot pot back home, changed to dry kimchi hot pot.

This kimchi hot pot I used Korean kimchi and northeast region kimchi, is really simple can not be simple, do out is also super healthy appetite delicious, for fear of eating spicy hot pot a family and fear of fire a family, simply a very good way to eat.

In this year's special circumstances, go out to buy food less frequently, eat hot pot also took out some dried knowledge and vegetables and fruits at home, randomly soak a few types of dried knowledge food plus a little vegetables and fruits, the results of a meal pressure to eat left over, so eat in the afternoon and then eat at night, think this is also very suitable for lazy people a very good practice.

The hot pot at home to prepare these kinds of in advance, than in the hot pot restaurant to eat even better

Every time you go to a hot pot restaurant with your friends, you have to wait in a long line, wait for a long time for t...










It's not that hard to choose a l...

As the key lighting tool in your home, the choice of luminaire is a key part of home decoration. In addition to being able to identify the quality of the lamps and lanterns, you also need to follow some buying principles to make the lamps and lanterns more convenient to use and more in line with your own home environment. Below, I'll introduce the seven principles to follow when buying lamps and lanterns, to help you buy lamps and lanterns!

One, the principle of convenience

The vast majority of people have experienced the embarrassment of removing and replacing ceiling light bulbs in the living room: stepping on the dining room table, stepping on the table and chairs, crossing their heads ninety degrees, raising their arms over to the 2.5m or even higher canopy. When choosing lamps, be sure to consider the removal and replacement of electric bulbs convenient.

Second, the principle of safety

Be sure to choose reliable manufacturers of lamps and lanterns. Reliable goods are marked with the total load, according to the total load, can clearly apply is how much power of the electric bulb, especially in for double-headed ceiling lights more critical, namely: number × each electric bulb power = total load. In addition, wet washrooms, restaurants and kitchens should use moisture-proof lamps.

Three, simple principle

Lighting fixtures in the house should have the effect of painting the dragon. Overly complicated modeling design, overly complex flower pattern, are not suitable for the design of simple house.

Fourth, the principle of environmental protection and energy saving

Energy-saving bulbs save electricity, lighting fixtures degree and good, also will not release too much heat, available double-headed lamps and lanterns. Most energy-saving bulbs are standard spiral lamps, and ceiling lights have two kinds of specifications, one is standard, can apply energy-saving bulbs; one is non-normative, can not apply energy-saving bulbs. When choosing to pay attention to: most of the track spotlights are non-non-energy saving and environmentally friendly products.

Five, the principle of role

Along with the development trend of technology, the role of lamps and lanterns also want to diversify the direction of development, intelligent lighting systems are gradually entering everyone's home. Many lamps and lanterns give a variety of roles, some of this role is designed for games and entertainment programmes, some are designed for remote control programmes, to name but a few.

It is likely that we will come across some additional roles for a portion of the money in the case of choosing lamps, which will necessitate us to carry out our purchases in a way that integrates our specific situation to make our daily life more fashionable and trendy and comfortable.

Not the same application role of the house, should be installed not the same style, lighting fixtures degree of lighting. Large living room should be used bright, rich elegant lamps and lanterns; bedroom should take the lamps and lanterns that make people shake their eyes unconsciously in bed; children's room should take the lamps and lanterns with bright colours and rich transformation in style; bathroom should take the simple style of moisture-proof lamps and lanterns; restaurant kitchen should choose lamps and lanterns that are conducive to scrubbing and cleaning; some areas that must be unique major performance can also choose track spotlights.

Sixth, the principle of harmony

Lighting and the overall design style of the house to be in harmony, and the same house of a variety of lamps and lanterns, should maintain the colour harmony or style harmony. Such as wood panel walls, solid wood cabinets, wood top of the square living balcony, suitable for installation of square wooden lights; equipped with iron accessories table, galvanized pipe laminated glass dining table and dining chairs square over hall, suitable for installation of square galvanized pipe material ceiling lights; installed with gold cabinet door handles, gold track spotlights bedroom, suitable for containing gold decorative design lights.

Brilliant Lighting distributes various kinds of ceiling lights in Hong Kong. We offer 10 models of bulkhead LED light with microwave motion sensor option. Suitable to restaurants, schools, dormitory, supermarkets etc.ceiling lights hong kong

Seven, beautiful and generous now design style principles

The appearance of the design is beautiful and generous, light source ample lamps and lanterns can add lustre to everyone's life home, the application of modeling design beautiful and generous lamps and lanterns is also a good way to clean up the home environment. A variety of home furniture lamps and lanterns of all shapes and sizes, customers are also wise, different customers have different preferences, the choice of design style and colour matching is not the same, whether it is a ceiling lamp or living room ceiling lamp, we must only choose their own favorite in the case of choosing beautiful and generous lamps and lanterns.

It should be based on their own specific requirements and their own preferences to choose the style of lamps and lanterns. If you pay attention to the application of the lamp, you should choose grey and black, dark red and other dark colours embedded in the edge of the living room ceiling lamp or floor lamp, and if you pay attention to the art of decoration and the pursuit of the perfect intelligent design style, then you can choose a cheerful point of lighting. If you love ethnic styled lighting, you can choose sculptural works to process the floor lamp.

The most flush ceiling lamp buying method, read before buying, never regret!

Heutzutage, zusammen mit dem kontinuierlichen Entwicklungstrend der Gesellschaft, die Lebensqualität weiter zu verbesser...




LED照明の普遍的なアプリケーションと一緒に、LEDライトはまたゆっくりと家の家具の照明に浸透している、家の装飾、照明効果をインストールする方法は、照明が十分でない場合、家の暖かさを反映している、家の装飾的なデザインのceiling lig...


What you need to know about choosing a "ceiling light


A poetic twilight look can now be achieved by following the lamp selection method Lamps are not only lighting fixtures i...


Learn this good more than hydrat...

In the case of winter not only the gas is getting very dry, everyone's skin is also gradually very little water, although many people will carry out various medical care for their own skin, but still or can not very well improve the problem of dry skin. To deal with this kind of skin problems learn good hydration small stunt, winter after will be no period of dry skin.

Then what is the way to hydrate the skin in winter?

Small stunt one: use wet cotton towel to carry out hydration work in

Washing the face is every person daily is going to do things, but in winter this kind of more dry manic season, we must do a lot of work to carry out medical care after the brush bowl face, in which very simple and convenient is to use wet cotton towel to carry out the face hydration, can be very good to prevent dry skin problems occur.

Method: the first will be neat cotton towel into the water side wet, after immediately fished out into the face skin compress after minutes up and down the time, can have very very good maintenance, relief, hydration actual effect.


Small stunt two: maintain the habit of drinking more water

We all understand that 80% of the body's composition is water, so whether it is the dampness of the skin or the body running all can not be separated from a lot of water. When it comes to the more dry stage of winter, it is also necessary to persistently daily at least eight glasses of water, so that the skin can produce sufficient water for the skin, so that the whole body skin more and more long-lasting moist.

Little trick three: strictly control the frequency of washing the face

In many cases, physicians warm skin experts will propose that we can not wash the face too much, it is because the body metabolism of plant oils, can produce a protective film in the surface layer, and thus reduce the occurrence of dry skin condition. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people in the winter skin care situation, the frequency of face washing does not have to exceed 2 times a day, in addition to must pick the right skin characteristics of their own cleanser, to prevent too much clean-up to take away water.


Small trick four: more vitamin intake


A little knowledge of skin care people understand that vitamins play a very key role in skin moisturizing and medical care. Once the vitamin deficiency occurs, it will be accompanied by the skin is not smooth, molting, dryness these problems occur, so in the case of winter should pay great attention to the intake of vitamins.

Suggestions: people in daily life can eat more vegetables and fruits, raw eggs, orange and red fruits and its pork lean meat kind of ingredients; in addition to the standard can also immediately take vitamins with health care actual effect, daily on time service project is also can have very very good nourishing actual effect.

The skin itself is very sensitive, especially when it comes to winter this kind of dry natural environment is also must we do a more comprehensive and delicate advance preparation. As long as the people can do the above aspects of the words, all can be very good to prevent winter skin dryness problems, so that the skin to maintain a long time glowing gloss degree.




Most bullish full skin care strategy book ever, one-step moisturizing hydration, skin hydration


Die letzte Ausgabe mit den Jungs darüber zu sprechen, wie man richtig zu unterscheiden, ihre eigenen Hauttyp Situation, ...




保湿や水分補給の必要性については合理的に理解されていますが、水分が少ないことがどれほど肌に悪影響を及ぼすかについては、ほとんどの方がご存じないのではないでしょうか。 この記事では、水の量が少ないと肌に与える危険性を詳しく分析し、そのノウハウ...







culturelle益生菌擁有超過 1000項科研及200項臨床研究, 獨有100%鼠李糖乳桿菌 (Lactobacillus GG),有效調節腸道菌群平衡,減少身體毒素,改善腸道健康,身體少左毒素積聚,皮膚亦自然變得光澤有彈性!

4,血液淨化:分解,消除對血液廢物和聚焦環境汙染的一個結果 - 病毒農藥殘留物,重金屬和由身體產生的各種炎症。保持弱堿性的血液,使身體逐漸調整到弱堿性的健康。它能夠分解膽固醇,降血脂,毒素,使血管保持開放,恢複血管彈性,促進血液循環,加速人體的代謝功能。

全球及香港銷售No.1的康萃樂 Culturelle益生菌系列,獨有100%鼠李糖乳桿菌(Lactobacillus GG),有改善腸胃健康、提高免疫能力,排出身體毒素,打造健康基礎!








Strengths of your Hong Kong design

Right before speaking about the prospective effect in the proposed law, on the other hand, it's important first to indicate exactly how much universities in Hong Kong differ from universities in mainland China and why that's been critical from an internationalisation perspective.

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Being the oldest university in Hong Kong, the College of Hong Kong is illustrative of a number of the issues facing larger training inside the exclusive administrative location frequently. Recognized in 1911, it had been modelled on British norms and specifications. Whilst China has drawn on other versions above the current generations, there happen to be no universities just like the College of Hong Kong in mainland China considering that the Communist Celebration took energy.

Towngas introduces Italy premium kitchen appliance collection - offers stylish Gas Hob. Powerful 8kW gas stove is perfectly tailored to Chinese style cooking with easy-to-clean and high efficient features.

Other than for your wartime yrs during the 1940s and also the anti-government protest movement commenced in June 2019, no massive exterior things or forces, in particular political or ideological movements, have influenced the operation, instructing, investigate and also other tutorial actions of the College of Hong Kong drastically.

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The college has produced in just a relatively tranquil and favourable environment considering that the nineteen twenties.

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Asia will become a careers hub for the West

China provides low-cost services for African learners



在我們的日常生活中,除了享受各種美味的食物外,我們還喜歡在業餘時間喝一些飲料,有些人喜歡我們的傳統茶,有些人受到外國文化的影響,他們喜歡喝一些咖啡。 你知道多少普通咖啡? 你對咖啡了解多少? 幾個常見的咖啡入門知識,了解了,咖啡店就不會再覺得尷尬了。

讓我們從七種最常見和最著名的咖啡開始: 瑪奇朵,卡布奇諾,拿鐵,美式咖啡,坎伯蘭,濃咖啡,摩卡。





第五種是康寶萊咖啡:Con的意思是“和”,panna的意思是“鮮奶油”,康寶萊是用鮮奶的咖啡。 奶油漂浮在黑咖啡上,就像天空中的白雲。

濃縮咖啡是意大利語”快”的意思 . 你動作要快,要在30秒內完成,要喝得快,要喝兩三口。 這是最美味的咖啡。


阿拉比卡咖啡豆濃郁芳醇,深受咖啡愛好者歡迎。咖啡豆香港網店提供優質咖啡豆購買體驗,為您精選世界頂級咖啡豆,讓您隨時享受Perfect Cup。






White-collar workers must know when to drink coffee




腰腹太多脂肪怎么去除? 8招幫助你擺脫腹部贅肉



首先,腹部上的贅肉容易出現堆積,是因為通過腹部進行這個問題部位最接近五髒六腑,當你發胖,內髒脂肪組織容易發生超標,導致肚腩肥胖。 此外,腸胃吸收,消化食物,多餘的脂肪也會堆積在肚子裏。 而且腹部運動量最少,所以很容易堆積脂肪,這也是腹部脂肪的原因
























如何預防寶寶被蚊蟲叮咬? 幫助寶寶度過夏天的7個小貼士

夏天最煩人的是蚊子。 被蚊子叮咬後,皮膚會發癢和腫脹。 特別是對於寶寶來說,皮膚很嬌嫩。 被蚊子叮咬需要很長時間才能消腫。
































直到有一天,我看到某位明星用美容儀促進精華吸收,我突然明白了,原來用什么護膚品都很重要,更重要的是讓皮膚吸收啊! 沒有這關鍵的一步,一切都是徒勞!





3.用吸油紙去除多餘的面部油脂。 當油脂過多會堵塞毛孔時,護膚品可以滲透到皮膚通道減少,自然也吸收少。

4、養成在棉布上塗乳劑的習慣。 洗液可以軟化和修複面部角質,在塗抹時使用棉花,可以使面部皮膚均勻吸收洗液,隨著去除多餘的角質,也可以按摩皮膚。


lumi spa ageloc的使用方法簡單,只需早晚一次,每次兩分鐘,就能達到煥膚淨化雙效。














一、 四大選購技巧


















編則梳化推介,它擁有最好的梳化結構,如ITALO MODA、CHEERS等牌子。雖然價錢最貴,但皮革物料,承托力,耐久度都是一流,當中採用的木材更是北美進口的實木,非常堅固耐用,也沒有軟化問題,保養適宜更可以用十年以上,一坐難忘。










結腸造口術種類繁多,但結腸造口術在國內需要更換的時間較長,因此本文重點介紹結腸造口袋的更換過程。 雖然有一件式和兩件式口袋,但基本過程是相似的。 不同之處在於,一件式口袋和一件式口袋的底盤是一體的,而兩件式底盤和一件式口袋是分開的,以下面的兩件式造口袋為例,介紹了造口袋的更換過程。














• 根據這些患者造口和周圍皮膚的特點,比如我們有的影響患者出現皮膚褶皺較多,造口周圍皮膚不規則,可以通過選擇自己不同的輔助產品,保證造口底盤系統能夠與造口周圍皮膚更加緊密貼合,防止糞便及腸液漏出。


• 每次進行更換的時候都需要通過觀察造口的狀態,比如腸子有無出現發黑發暗,如果有,則提示腸子的血運較差,應及時去醫院。還需要觀察第一道口及其周圍的皮膚,了解有無明顯紅腫及破損等情況。







• 根據造口底盤凝膠溶解的速度。如果凝膠溶解速度發展較快,那么更換工作頻率就要不斷加快。更換以後如果沒有一天其溶解能力范圍就達到1厘米,那么對於這種學習情況就需要一天一換,如果溶解更多,則需要通過一天換兩次。

取決於嘴周圍的皮膚。 若周圍皮膚有炎症,潰瘍,出血,瘙癢等不良情況,需加快更換頻率,嚴重需尋求醫療幫助..

•取決於他們的排便情況。 如果大便沒有形成,排出的糞便較多,則建議每天更換一次; 如果大便形成,可適當延長至2ー3天。






最好的方法是讓你的醫生和護士在手術後給你專業的指導和建議。 出院後,根據醫生和護士的建議,繼續選擇合適的口袋。 如果家裏有一些不適應的情況,我們應該及時與醫生和護士溝通,更換適當的口袋。