How can you get well faster with...

Recently, the weather station issued a cold wave forecast. These days, we will clearly feel the temperature dropping a lot, even more than 15℃ in some areas. Now it is the high season of influenza again, plus the serious situation of the new crown epidemic, we should be extra careful. Assuming that you have the flu, some people may be overly worried and can go for nucleic acid testing. So what can you do to get better faster if it's really just the common flu?


You can quarantine yourself at home.

Self-isolating at home protects you and is responsible for others. It helps you to recover while avoiding infecting others. It is better to rest at home. Don't be a "workaholic" at this time, rest, relax and rejuvenate, doesn't it "smell"? Also pay attention to indoor ventilation.

2, pay attention to diet.


Drink a lot of water, the body's waste out of the body, you can add something to clear the heat and fire, such as ginger, chrysanthemum tea, Pancake, etc.. Eat easily digestible and nutritious food, such as fruits, vegetables, tofu, thin porridge, fresh milk, various eggs, hawthorn, radish, etc. Ginger ginger water.

Third, physical cooling.


If there are fever symptoms, you can use physical cooling methods, such as wrapping a wet towel or ice cubes on the forehead, and wiping the armpits, forehead and neck with alcohol.

Fourth, pay attention to hygiene.

Always keep the nose, throat and mouth clean, because these places are the breeding ground for bacteria after a cold.


5. You can drink some cold punch.

If the situation is serious, you need to see a doctor. Having a cold is not terrible, we have to treat it correctly and pay more attention to prevention, to develop good habits, especially when going out to wear a mask. Beware.




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