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As the key lighting tool in your home, the choice of luminaire is a key part of home decoration. In addition to being able to identify the quality of the lamps and lanterns, you also need to follow some buying principles to make the lamps and lanterns more convenient to use and more in line with your own home environment. Below, I'll introduce the seven principles to follow when buying lamps and lanterns, to help you buy lamps and lanterns!

One, the principle of convenience

The vast majority of people have experienced the embarrassment of removing and replacing ceiling light bulbs in the living room: stepping on the dining room table, stepping on the table and chairs, crossing their heads ninety degrees, raising their arms over to the 2.5m or even higher canopy. When choosing lamps, be sure to consider the removal and replacement of electric bulbs convenient.

Second, the principle of safety

Be sure to choose reliable manufacturers of lamps and lanterns. Reliable goods are marked with the total load, according to the total load, can clearly apply is how much power of the electric bulb, especially in for double-headed ceiling lights more critical, namely: number × each electric bulb power = total load. In addition, wet washrooms, restaurants and kitchens should use moisture-proof lamps.

Three, simple principle

Lighting fixtures in the house should have the effect of painting the dragon. Overly complicated modeling design, overly complex flower pattern, are not suitable for the design of simple house.

Fourth, the principle of environmental protection and energy saving

Energy-saving bulbs save electricity, lighting fixtures degree and good, also will not release too much heat, available double-headed lamps and lanterns. Most energy-saving bulbs are standard spiral lamps, and ceiling lights have two kinds of specifications, one is standard, can apply energy-saving bulbs; one is non-normative, can not apply energy-saving bulbs. When choosing to pay attention to: most of the track spotlights are non-non-energy saving and environmentally friendly products.

Five, the principle of role

Along with the development trend of technology, the role of lamps and lanterns also want to diversify the direction of development, intelligent lighting systems are gradually entering everyone's home. Many lamps and lanterns give a variety of roles, some of this role is designed for games and entertainment programmes, some are designed for remote control programmes, to name but a few.

It is likely that we will come across some additional roles for a portion of the money in the case of choosing lamps, which will necessitate us to carry out our purchases in a way that integrates our specific situation to make our daily life more fashionable and trendy and comfortable.

Not the same application role of the house, should be installed not the same style, lighting fixtures degree of lighting. Large living room should be used bright, rich elegant lamps and lanterns; bedroom should take the lamps and lanterns that make people shake their eyes unconsciously in bed; children's room should take the lamps and lanterns with bright colours and rich transformation in style; bathroom should take the simple style of moisture-proof lamps and lanterns; restaurant kitchen should choose lamps and lanterns that are conducive to scrubbing and cleaning; some areas that must be unique major performance can also choose track spotlights.

Sixth, the principle of harmony

Lighting and the overall design style of the house to be in harmony, and the same house of a variety of lamps and lanterns, should maintain the colour harmony or style harmony. Such as wood panel walls, solid wood cabinets, wood top of the square living balcony, suitable for installation of square wooden lights; equipped with iron accessories table, galvanized pipe laminated glass dining table and dining chairs square over hall, suitable for installation of square galvanized pipe material ceiling lights; installed with gold cabinet door handles, gold track spotlights bedroom, suitable for containing gold decorative design lights.

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Seven, beautiful and generous now design style principles

The appearance of the design is beautiful and generous, light source ample lamps and lanterns can add lustre to everyone's life home, the application of modeling design beautiful and generous lamps and lanterns is also a good way to clean up the home environment. A variety of home furniture lamps and lanterns of all shapes and sizes, customers are also wise, different customers have different preferences, the choice of design style and colour matching is not the same, whether it is a ceiling lamp or living room ceiling lamp, we must only choose their own favorite in the case of choosing beautiful and generous lamps and lanterns.

It should be based on their own specific requirements and their own preferences to choose the style of lamps and lanterns. If you pay attention to the application of the lamp, you should choose grey and black, dark red and other dark colours embedded in the edge of the living room ceiling lamp or floor lamp, and if you pay attention to the art of decoration and the pursuit of the perfect intelligent design style, then you can choose a cheerful point of lighting. If you love ethnic styled lighting, you can choose sculptural works to process the floor lamp.

The most flush ceiling lamp buying method, read before buying, never regret!

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