Learn Japanese, understand these...

These students who do not want to study in Japan, or who have long been in the mud, often ask some difficult questions. Today, we respond to such difficult questions one after another. As it is often said, "An 日語五十音 start is a wide success". If you understand the challenges below, you can get off to a perfect start. Shaping the proper outlook on learning is half the battle for success in the natural world.

Without further ado, let's go to the topic.

1、What is the purpose of learning N5課程?

Learning Japanese well will help you to get rid of "parallel time and space", and let him/her go in the world of China and Japan.

If you only use Japanese as the only special tool for students to make a living, you can choose mainly in translation, export and foreign trade, teaching and other industries.

If you integrate Japanese with other professional skills, such as programming, finance and accounting, Japanese animation, sales and marketing, you will also enter a road to become a master in the field.

2、I think there are many 日語會話班 characters in Japanese, is it very easy to learn?

Many people are likely to feel that there are a lot of Chinese characters in Japanese, so is it very easy to learn them in our country, but in my own work experience, at least at the level of writing and meaning of Chinese characters, we Chinese people have an advantage over foreigners who are not easy to use Chinese characters.

3、I want to learn Japanese, but I'm too busy at work, so I have little time to study every day.

Language expression is a professional skill that is accumulated over time, in fact, you don't need to take out a lot of time to learn, but only stipulate that you keep persevering. Then for the salaried people, it is important to be good at using your spare time, just take out thirty minutes a day, persistently learn for a year, and you will be improved!

In the end, or this saying, if you want to learn, nothing is a pretext, if you don't want to learn, which are all pretexts.

4, some people say Japanese "learning Japanese is laughing in, crying out" is that so?

Which newcomer to begin easy to learn after more difficult to call all of their own not to learn the pretext, language expression is a professional skill, it to the learner's situation, knowledge system, age are not much regulation, only need to persevere, nothing to learn not to understand. Naturally in learning, you will always encounter shortcomings, and this is the time when teachers must organize specific guidance for the group.

Learning language expression, there are a lot of items must be memorized, if you do not want to memorize, do not want to learn, do not want to figure out the syntactic structure of Japanese, it will naturally feel difficult to learn. Or this saying, step by step, there will always be certain gain.

5、How long will it take for me to pass N1 if I have a general certificate of qualification and don't have all the basic and generally only have non-working time to learn Japanese?

How long it takes to pass the level is different from person to person. According to the teacher's work experience, the average person who spends 1 or 2 hours a day to study well for 1.5 to 2 years should be able to pass the highest level N1. I personally do not approve of the way to break the N1 in 10 months raid, because the qualification is primary and secondary to learning the language, and the key is to improve your language expression ability. The certificate exam can be your overall goal of learning Japanese in stages, but it is not the key purpose of your study.

6、I want to learn Japanese, but I don't have any carefulness, so I want to ask how to persist in the end?

In fact, I would like to say that the thing of carefulness is to be gradually shaped, one very important point is the hobby of learning Japanese, generally speaking, people who want to learn Japanese are all interested in it or have a desire to learn it, plus a good natural environment for learning and a good model for learning, of course, they will have the patience to persistently learn it.

Therefore, hobby is the best teacher, although they are very vulgar, but it is very right.

7、I want to learn Japanese, can I learn it completely by myself, without enrolling in any training institution?

It is not highly recommended not to enroll in tutorial classes, because the language expression is something that, in fact, in short, you learn to use eventually, such as communication with people, in the case of novice beginners, your pronunciation only through self-learning words will have a certain lack, and that will immediately endanger your spoken English expression. Therefore, from the teacher's teaching experience, it is necessary to have a Japanese teacher to standardize your pronunciation in the case of new beginners.

Secondly, a fluent Japanese, English grammar is also important, if you simply read the contents of the book, without the teacher's summary and interpretation, very easy to learn and forget in addition, if you are enrolled in a tutorial class to learn words, in a class can find like-minded young people to learn together, so that their own learning is also a kind of promotion.

In general, you can learn through self-learning, but the difficulty factor is large, easy to lose direction. The expertise in the textbook is fragmented and has incorrect and systematic holes. If there is a teacher to guide, on the one hand, can help the guys immediately summarize, in addition to the guys can also have a catalytic effect on learning.


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