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In the case of winter not only the gas is getting very dry, everyone's skin is also gradually very little water, although many people will carry out various medical care for their own skin, but still or can not very well improve the problem of dry skin. To deal with this kind of skin problems learn good hydration small stunt, winter after will be no period of dry skin.

Then what is the way to hydrate the skin in winter?

Small stunt one: use wet cotton towel to carry out hydration work in

Washing the face is every person daily is going to do things, but in winter this kind of more dry manic season, we must do a lot of work to carry out medical care after the brush bowl face, in which very simple and convenient is to use wet cotton towel to carry out the face hydration, can be very good to prevent dry skin problems occur.

Method: the first will be neat cotton towel into the water side wet, after immediately fished out into the face skin compress after minutes up and down the time, can have very very good maintenance, relief, hydration actual effect.


Small stunt two: maintain the habit of drinking more water

We all understand that 80% of the body's composition is water, so whether it is the dampness of the skin or the body running all can not be separated from a lot of water. When it comes to the more dry stage of winter, it is also necessary to persistently daily at least eight glasses of water, so that the skin can produce sufficient water for the skin, so that the whole body skin more and more long-lasting moist.

Little trick three: strictly control the frequency of washing the face

In many cases, physicians warm skin experts will propose that we can not wash the face too much, it is because the body metabolism of plant oils, can produce a protective film in the surface layer, and thus reduce the occurrence of dry skin condition. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people in the winter skin care situation, the frequency of face washing does not have to exceed 2 times a day, in addition to must pick the right skin characteristics of their own cleanser, to prevent too much clean-up to take away water.


Small trick four: more vitamin intake


A little knowledge of skin care people understand that vitamins play a very key role in skin moisturizing and medical care. Once the vitamin deficiency occurs, it will be accompanied by the skin is not smooth, molting, dryness these problems occur, so in the case of winter should pay great attention to the intake of vitamins.

Suggestions: people in daily life can eat more vegetables and fruits, raw eggs, orange and red fruits and its pork lean meat kind of ingredients; in addition to the standard can also immediately take vitamins with health care actual effect, daily on time service project is also can have very very good nourishing actual effect.

The skin itself is very sensitive, especially when it comes to winter this kind of dry natural environment is also must we do a more comprehensive and delicate advance preparation. As long as the people can do the above aspects of the words, all can be very good to prevent winter skin dryness problems, so that the skin to maintain a long time glowing gloss degree.




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