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1. Try to choose milk powder made from raw cow's milk

The source and production of milk is closer to that of milk powder, which can be made from fresh milk and only needs to go through a dry drying process during the production of milk powder. This type of milk powder is classified as raw milk or skim milk.

2. Choose a milk powder with higher whey protein content

If your child is more prone to constipation, mothers should not immediately choose two formulas for their children when they are breastfeeding for more than six months.

One formula contains a little less calcium, iron and zinc, but the child bb便便 has already started to add supplemental food, so basically it does not affect much. Children can digest and absorb milk powder that is not easily constipated, so a section of milk powder has a high nutrient absorption rate and can meet the nutritional needs of children over seven months of age.

3 Choose a formula with high OPO structural fat.

OPO structural fat, also known as 1,3-dioleic acid-2-palmitic acid triglyceride, can soften children's stools, prevent calcium soap formation, and promote children's nutrient absorption. To prevent constipation in children, when choosing a formula, try to choose a formula with a higher content of OPO structural fat.

The term most nutrients found in the nutrition chart is generally 1,3-dioleate 2-palmitoyl triglyceride. When buying milk powder, you can compare which content will be higher.

Choose a formula with a high content of oligogalactose.

The main thing to look at is the nutritional content in the table, but of course there are some units of oligogalactose in milligrams and some grams, so pay attention to the conversion.

Some formulas also add oligofructose, which is also useful for preventing constipation dietary fiber. It is best to have both of these ingredients, and both are high in content. It can be compared with several kinds of milk powder.

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