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What can you eat to heal quickly...


Beef contains sarcosine, which can increase muscles and strengthen strength. Vitamin B6 can enhance immunity and is suitable for people who are taking care of patients after surgery and illness. It can also be 去疤膏推薦 with beef and red dates to help muscle growth and promote wound healing.


Aloe vera is a natural antibiotic that can relieve pain, stop bleeding, and tighten wounds. It is also a catalyst that can accelerate the healing of injured skin. "Traditional Chinese Medicine" records its 除疤方法, tissue repair and skin protection functions.


Compared with ordinary vegetables, tomatoes are rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin C. Vitamin C can promote the biosynthesis of bone collagen, which is conducive to faster healing of tissue wounds, and enhances the body's anti-stress ability and immunity to the external environment. The premise is to eat raw, because the vitamin C in tomatoes is unstable and easily oxidized and decomposed during processing.


Drinking a little honey is great for wound healing. 除疤膏推薦, honey can also be applied directly to the skin or wound. In doing so, it has the effects of reducing inflammation, relieving pain, stopping bleeding, reducing edema, and promoting wound healing.


Trotter is rich in zinc and collagen. Zinc deficiency will reduce the function of fibroblasts. Therefore, more collagen should be added at this time to speed up the wound healing.

sea ​​bass

Generally speaking, eating black fish is good for wound recovery, but sea bass is most suitable for operators. For example, patients with anemia or diabetes should learn to start eating sea bass before the operation if they are not injured, and eat it after the operation, which is very helpful for the healing time of the wound. Chinese medicine believes that seabass is warm and sweet in nature, has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver and kidney, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

What can't you eat for wound healing?

1. You can't eat soy sauce for wounds, which may cause scars on the wound.

2. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as peppers. These foods are easy to get angry and cause inflammation of the wound.

3. Injury can not eat edible fungus food, such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc. Because these foods are mostly high-protein foods, eating too much can easily cause irritability, which is not conducive to recovery, and people who usually have headaches, dizziness and other symptoms should eat as little mushroom food as possible.

4. Do not eat marine fishery foods, such as hairtail, yellow croaker, pomfret, mussel meat, shrimp, crabs and other aquatic products. Most of them are cold and fishy, ​​which affects wound healing to a certain extent.

5. Do not eat fruits such as peaches and apricots. These fruits are easier to catch fire when eaten, and almonds are easier to eat to damage bones and muscles, which will have a certain impact on wound healing.

In the process of wound healing, you should avoid eating chicken heads, chicken wings, chicken feet, goose meat, pig head meat and other foods. These foods can easily cause irritation and affect the healing of the mouth.




What can you eat for the wound to heal quickly? Maybe our Chinese food will help you


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